Juliana Onyinyechi Akabueze, our esteemed Overseer Coordinator, brings a wealth of experience and a distinguished background to the helm of Ego Bekee Football Academy. Her remarkable journey, both as a former Nigeria Falconet goalkeeper and a seasoned professional player in the United Kingdom, reflects her dedication to the beautiful game. Here's a glimpse into her impressive profile: Professional Achievements: 1. Former Nigeria Falconet Goalkeeper (1st Under19) - Canada 2002: Juliana Akabueze has donned the gloves at the international level, representing Nigeria as the goalkeeper for Falconet in the 1st Under19 championship held in Canada in 2002. 2. Ex-Professional Player: With a notable career, Juliana has played for esteemed clubs including Arsenal Ladies, Southwark Town FC, and Crystal Palace Ladies in the United Kingdom. Her on-field prowess and commitment to the sport exemplify her dedication to football excellence. 3. Service in the British Army (6 years): Juliana's service in the British Army for six years showcases her discipline, leadership, and commitment to duty. This diverse experience brings a unique perspective to her role in the academy. Educational Background: - BSc in Criminology and Youth Studies: Juliana holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Youth Studies, reflecting her commitment to understanding the societal impact of sports, particularly on the youth. - Qualified Football and Sports Coach (United Kingdom): As a qualified coach in both football and sports, Juliana brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to her coaching role, ensuring our academians receive top-notch training. Philosophy: Empowering Through Sports: Juliana Akabueze's coaching philosophy revolves around empowering young children through sports. She firmly believes that developing a child's self-confidence is not just about creating skilled athletes but also about laying the foundation for life skills and social networking opportunities. Her holistic approach aligns seamlessly with Ego Bekee Football Academy's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. Under Juliana's leadership, the academy strives to provide a supportive and empowering environment where each player can thrive, not only as a footballer but as a confident and capable individual. Her passion for sports, combined with her diverse experiences, makes her an invaluable leader at the forefront of our mission to shape the future of aspiring footballers.