Onunekwu Okechukwu Felix

Engr. Onunekwu Okechukwu Felix is a dedicated professional with a strong background in engineering and a passion for excellence. Currently serving as the Chief Accountant of Ego Bekee Football Academy, Engr. Felix plays a crucial role in managing the financial operations of the academy.


Engr. Onunekwu Okechukwu Felix's academic journey began at Uwani Secondary School in Enugu, where he completed his secondary education. He then pursued a degree in Computer and Electronics Engineering at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). After completing his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Engr. Felix furthered his education by obtaining a Masters's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Career Path:

Engr. Onunekwu Okechukwu Felix has a diverse work history that has enriched his professional experience. He started his career at ESUT ICT as a supervisor, where he gained valuable insights into the field of information and communication technology. He later joined R&S Lotto as a principal agent, honing his skills in financial management and operations.

Role at Ego Bekee Football Academy:

As the Chief Accountant of Ego Bekee Football Academy, Engr. Onunekwu Okechukwu Felix brings his wealth of experience and expertise to ensure the academy's financial health and sustainability. His meticulous approach to financial management and his dedication to the academy's mission make him an invaluable member of the team.

Engr. Onunekwu Okechukwu Felix's journey is evident to his commitment to excellence and continuous learning. His diverse background in engineering and his experience in financial management make him a valuable asset to Ego Bekee Football Academy. As Chief Accountant, Engr. Felix plays a vital role in ensuring the academy's success and growth, contributing to the development of young talents in the world of football.